So these teachers are essentially a grooming gang operating under the auspices of CTA. Unbelievable.

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Action items:

1) Contact your Representative in Congress and both Senators. Ask them to co-sponsor Senator Tom Cotton's Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act, S.3037:


Include in your message a link to this article to explain why S.3037 is needed.

2) Contact your state representatives and ask them to introduce similar legislation at the state level. Again, link to this article.

Note: I am a lifelong liberal Democrat (age 66) who has never voted for a Republican. But this is a cult and it needs to be stopped. It transcends politics.

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My kids have all gone to this school. My youngest is there now. Caldeira has been pushing this stuff since her own daughter transitioned to a male during the years my oldest two were there. Since then this is her main focus…all of my kids have been subjected to it in some way or another in her classroom.

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Abigail, you are a treasure. Thank you. This article needs a wide audience.

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This level of espionage perpetrated against students by teachers is horrifying. Kids with strong family ties are mostly insulated...they essentially admit they are targeting the low-hanging fruit, the weak and confused.

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Oh my goodness. I am truly speechless. The directives from the CTA conference could have come straight from a horror movie.

The other night I watched the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (free on amazon prime). The original version from 1956 in which alien sea pods from outer space secretly conspire to take over the minds and bodies of every resident in a small California town. The only purpose of these cult like pod people is to further the overnight "transition" of every human being into drones who feel no emotions, and most tellingly, derive no sexual pleasure. They tell their hapless victims that this transition will make them happier and solve all their problems.

The pod people carry out their nefarious plot in absolute secrecy. One person in town, Dr. Miles Bennell. realizes what's going on. As the full extent of the horror reveals itself, Dr. Bennell fights a brave and desperate battle to warn the rest of the world about the danger humanity faces before it's too late. The movie ends on a hopeful note as state and national government officials are contacted by telephone.

The parallels between the alien sea pods and the CTA Conference are striking and terrifying. The cult-like devotion and obedience; the goal of "transition;" the destruction of sexual pleasure; the complicity of local officials; the use of family and coworker pod people to spread the invasion within families, schools, and businesses; the secrecy; the conspiracy; the propaganda, the seemingly overnight transition of normal society into something deranged; the California setting; and most importantly, the emergence of smart, brave people who risk everything to warn others of the danger that lies ahead.

Abigail, you are one of those smart, brave people working to save children from the transgender cult that's invaded and taken over the schools. I hope this important story spreads far and wide. Parents and concerned citizens need to know about the cancer that' metastsized overnight in our schools while we slept.

Let the outrage build. Let parents and concerned citizens across the country send the message that we will not tolerate the evil machinations of the aggressive transgender activists, who, as Jennifer Bilek warns us, are well funded by a dark network of autogynephile billionaires.

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"For decades, gay Americans lived under the shadow of a vicious calumny that—if granted full inclusion in society—they would ‘recruit’ children. This was, and remains, a lie"

I think Abigail is being too charitable here. That's EXACTLY what these teachers are doing. They are recruiting kids to a lifestyle of "choosing a sexual identity" at the age of 12. There's a word for that: "grooming". It's encouraging that most kids aren't interested and essentially have to be tricked to sticking around using marketing gimmicks. Pedophiles have always used these tricks though: "here, would you like some candy, little boy? What we do together stays between us." Sound familiar? Teacher: "we're going to talk about sexual stuff here, and what happens in this room needs to stay here." That's grooming.

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The tyrannical mindset of transgender activists and their supporters who insist that any deviation from their bankrupt ideology constitutes "bigotry" is exactly that: Tyranny.

It's very simple: If these activists, armed with the threat of government coercion and/or support, can get you to deny chromosomal and biological reality, they can get you to DENY anything.

And if they can get you to believe that reality itself can be self-declared--I say I'm a woman, therefore I am--they can get you to BELIEVE anything.

There is no surer path to totalitarianism than that--which is why progressives are trying to ram this agenda down America's throat. Don't stand for it.

You don't have to pretend that sexual dysphoria is a "human rights" issue and you sure as heck don't have to abide the idea that believing in biological reality is bigotry.

Above all, don't remain silent to avoid confrontation. A constitutional republic is a terrible thing to give away without a fight.

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Private school will necessarily not save our kids. My kids are in a private school in a major city and the school has all but given up on teaching and is in full indoctrination mode. 3rd grade teacher asked for kids pronouns on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. The first day of school in over a year thanks to Covid. I only found out about this when my 8 year old mentioned it months later. I spoke to teacher and she saw nothing wrong with that. Wait, it gets better!!! One kid picked “they/them,” and this is my kid’s BFF. I know that’s not the case. Did the teacher follow up with parents? No. Did she even use the kid’s “chosen” pronouns? No! So what was the point in this other than the teacher making herself feel better??!! Ive been in touch with school admin and they are in lockstep. Abigail, I’d love to talk to you more. There may be more protection in public schools in some sense because they do have public boards. Private schools do whatever the hell they want.

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We are told there is no funding or time for art and music but they have time for this? Infuriating!

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I teach in Fairfax County, Virginia. Training materials for LBGTQ++ specifically direct teachers to mislead parents. If a student wants to be called by a certain name, we're required to call them by that name. However, when talking with parents, the materials say, make sure to use the student's legal name. The training materials specifically say to mislead the parents.

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Thank you so much for bringing this to the world's attention. I'm disgusted at the disregard for safeguarding and privacy of children.

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Besides fomenting insanity and chaos, what's the end game here?

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These "teachers" are taking perfectly innocent children and, instead of spending the day making sure their students would graduate one day being able to read at grade level, do math, and appreciate the unique country they live in, they decided destroying their childhoods was a better use of their limited time with them.

All I know is, if what teachers are doing with children must be hidden from their parents, they need to stop and rethink it. This is so disgusting I can't even express it. The ODU "professor" who recently posted a justification for calling pedophiles "MAPs"--Minor Attracted Persons--and trying to make that crew out to be just another "persecuted minority" is what you get when this kind of "education" is inflicted on kids. God help this nation.

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As a lesbian who recognizes misogyny and lesbophobia when I see them, I am disgusted by straight people in health care who presume to know what is happening to confused girls when they make the choice to try to circumvent womanhood by pretending to be men and hoping everyone else will be fooled or at least go along with it. Unfortunately, that pretension is usually accompanied by testosterone, of which the effects are irreversible. This means that should the girl/woman desist from transition (which is more common than is allowed because they are silenced by trans activists), she will forever have a beard, chest hair, increased body hair elsewhere, and may even be bald for the rest of her life.

It is no wonder a girl, especially one who is discovering she is a lesbian, would want to exit being female. The ubiquity of porn and the expectations that come with being female in that context, the fact that lesbians are at the bottom of the LGBTQWTF totem pole and are admonished for being "transphobic" if they do not include intact, male-bodied transwomen in their dating pool, and the fact that misogyny is at a generational high are all contributing factors that no one talks about. Rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), a syndrome where a teenager or adolescent decides they are transgender after consuming too much social media that sets unreal expectations for the ease of which a person can "change gender," is another problem that is not addressed as often as it should be.

Midway, I am also disappointed in you as a physician because you of all people should know that a person can consume as many hormones as they want and have all the surgery they can handle, but they will never be the opposite sex. Nothing will change their chromosomes or socialization. In addition, the surgeries to "affirm gender" are barbaric. Most people aren't aware that those surgeries are fraught with complications, usually requiring a second or even third or fourth surgery. Also, only about half of women who undergo that surgery are able to achieve orgasm afterward. Sadly, most consider the surgery a success if they can urinate standing up.

If anyone is interested, this paper by the NIH is very informative.


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My child had both of these teachers in 7th grade and I cannot thank you enough for publishing this article! My suspicions have been confirmed. My child’s personality changed during the year she had these teachers and not for the better. She started getting hostile and defensive when I would ask her about school. She clearly did not want to be asked about it anymore, it has gotten better this year but she still gets hostile at times when I ask her how school was or what was discussed in a specific class. She has never mentioned pronouns but the once extremely girly/feminine daughter I had is no more! Non-binary/means more toward male than female is now I would describe her now. I know that’s the cool thing on social media now but it’s pretty obvious she was groomed by Caldiera! One of her friends who also had Caldiera and Baraki in 7th grade came out as they/them that year and put pronouns in her bio everywhere and like my daughter, was no longer feminine/girly. I have long suspected something like this was going on BVMS but never had any proof because my kid wouldn’t talk. And that’s very out of character for her, she’s always been very open. It has gotten better now that she’s no longer in these 2 teachers classes but they definitely left a lasting impression on her.

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