Good timing for this article since I'm currently watching, "What is a Woman?".

Social work is one of the most worthless degrees out there. Statistically speaking they are one of the most prone to mental illness and they have the lowest IQ out of all of Academia.

I think things in society are finally beginning to change and we will see a massive turn in the next couple years. People are done with DEI, woke indoctrination, and and virtue signaling corporations.

My only concern is that it continues and people don't give up. The Bud light and Target brands need to be destroyed to set an example for others. I truly hope more people also support school choice and realize that the humanities and social sciences are completely broken.

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I am not waiting for the gender pendulum to swing back either.

I am testifying against bills in the Oregon legislature that would irreparably harm children, and working to get others to join organizations fighting for women and children, who are being harmed by transgender ideology.

https://womensliberationfront.org https://womensdeclarationusa.com https://www.partnersforethicalcare.com


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Today my daughter competed in her first track and field tournament. She won first place with three of her classmates in the grade four girls 4x100m relay.

When they handed her a blue ribbon it took her a moment in all of the excitement and confusion to realize what she was holding in her hand. Then, knowing that her dad and I were just on the other side of the track watching, she bolted to us as fast as she had run in the race. She ran into our waiting arms absolutely elated. It was one of those magical moments you don’t easily forget as a parent.

Later in the day it occurred to me that someday she could have these important moments sullied by a circumstance that she should never have to face - losing to a biological boy who shouldn’t be competing with her. I pray that never happens to her.

Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. Thank you for putting up with this nonsense for our girls. They are worth it.

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I had an argument with a 49 year old friend the other day who wanted me to “prove” that men had a physical advantage over women in sports. The total denial of reality is seeping into everything.

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Thank you for being such a warrior for Truth and and a resource for those who need a clear voice of reason to carry them through this labyrinth of evil and sadness. Abigail, you could have a comfortable life and you have chosen to use your immense talent to lead our daughters to a saner place. Thank you.🙏🏼

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Gender ideology is such toxic nonsense. It has an especially pernicious impact on women and children. But advocacy is now required by all those who subscribe to the progressive faith and worship at the Church of Woke, and these people are all too happy to oblige. Now that the major civil rights victories of the late twentieth century are pretty much secured, agitators must look to new areas to initiate change because Progressivism is all about the blind desire to uproot whatever currently exists.

This goes so much further than demanding that people refrain from harming or legally discriminating against trans individuals; the demand is for people to participate in an alternative reality that is wholly dependent on the public maintaining positive regard for gender ideology and the trans movement.


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Unfortunately I completely agree. So many false turning points. This isn’t going away unless we fight to the death and never back down. The future of our society depends on us not giving in.

Don’t wait for the backlash, BE the backlash! It won’t happen unless we make it happen.

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As a pregnant woman with mutilated breasts as a He, graces the cover of Glamour magazine for pride, I fully agree with you.

And the only way to turn the tide is to constantly point out the distortion.

It is not that I don’t think these people deserve kindness or health care.

But when have you seen a full bare breasted pregnant woman on the cover of a magazine.

Why exactly are we celebrating this?

Why are people who want to be men getting pregnant and then denying they are mothers?

Why is the the gender reassignment industry expected to grow by 30% by 2030?

It’s a sinister military grade operation against embodiment getting us ready for Transhumanist regimes.

It’s evil and it’s frightening.

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Another excellent post Abigail!

Well done for stepping into the lions den, with the truth.

Too many are making the historic mistake, many have when facing radical actions and movements - they ignorantly dismiss them as fads, groups of nuts or a phase.

This is a multifaceted, planned, subversive attack - that was implemented - as a sexual based religion. It is tied to the woke and queer movement. At it's core and higher levels - not the brainwashed actors/victims level - is rooted in political ideology. You can listen to some of their more vocal leaders, openly admit this.

We've been conditioned over decades and centuries, to ignore and dismiss the crazy person yelling on the street corner - while the quiet ones move effortlessly into the the schools, universities, corporations, governments and libraries.

Trying to put the Trans Genie back in the bottle, is going to be like baking an ice cube without it melting...good luck.

We need to learn this lesson of ignorance, in dealing with the next phase EARLY - the normalization, mainstreaming and legitimizing of Pedophilia. The Queer/Trans movement and the early pushes we are seeing to legitimize Pedophilia are ideologic siblings - with the same parents.

We have to stop making these myopic mistake, otherwise, as always, the children will pay the price.

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The gender thing will not disappear on it's own without intervention like any other manmade disaster does . This is a multi-faceted problem.

The pandemic fucked up the kids and a lot of them think they're trans. These children are damaged. They are looking for a place to belong. Normally when the children are damaged, the parents course-correct them. Goth kids and punk kids eventually grew out of it. This is the first kid-driven phenomenon that parents have opted into. There is no one putting barriers around them so they keep escalating.

Parents of autistic kids now have the opportunity to change their kid's identity from autistic to trans. Autism is embarrassing. Trans has a flag and parades. The demographic of "trans" before 2016 was a young adult male. It's teenage girls now. But why?

Ten years from now we're going to have a crisis. When the kids discover that they're sterile and have no sexual functioning because their mom wanted to be cool, there's going to be a huge problem.

This is our lobotomy. Lobotomies were done for ADHD. Seems crazy now, right? What is it when you cut off the breasts of a 14 year old because she and her mom want you to? Kids are doing the same stupid things that kids have always done. The difference has been that the parents were smarter than the kids and now they're not.

One of the weirdest things about what's happening now is that I'm evidently right wing. I believe in the freedom of speech for everyone. And I think that government intervention in people's rights is bad. I don't need people to agree with me. I need them to know that they can.

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Your voice is truly gratifying to all of us who know that not only Christians but Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, all sane people are outraged by this toxic, mental illness-glorifying cult insidiously infecting impressionable young minds. May G-d bless you in all your endeavors.

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It will swing back - but not until thousands of lives have been harmed . Happened is Swedan and will eventually happen here .

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Abigail, I have missed you. We need your powerful voice! If my teen would desist I would be a lioness! This is a violation of the establishment clause in the US- especially in the public schools.

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Amen. Five years ago, as the coach (for nearly a decade) of a large, successful high school girls' cross country (running) team in one of the most leftist enclaves in the U.S., I fell on my sword over this issue when *everyone* above me in the school's administrative hierarchy (as well as the other coaches) blew a gasket at my refusal to put our girls' health, safety, sanity, and future prospects at risk by condoning this lie.

At the time, I thought I was alone. It is refreshing to see I am not.

Please keep speaking this vital truth.

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You are truly a brave woman to be admired. I’ll pray for your safety and protection.

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If the pendulum does swing back, it'll be because people like you fought against this.

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