I read recently, "In the past, anonymous was a women. In the future, women will be anonymous."

Thank you for not being silent or anonymous now. As a college-aged woman who has seen enormous social change just in the time it took me to move from my freshman to my senior year, this means the world for me.

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Thank you for standing up for commonsense predicated on science. I have also been speaking up more with friends on Facebook who post things that they believe to be progressive that are in fact anti-female. I've been called a TERF & a transphobe, but I do not care what names they call me during their ad hominem attacks & strawman arguments. I'm not the one who is brainwashed into denying the basic biology that we all understood a few years ago.

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You are obviously a brave woman but among the many tragedies here is that your view should NOT be considered “brave” or heroic. It is so eminently normal and rationale. The real tragedy is the magnitude of cowardice of the people who reflexively seem to punish you.

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You are a hero and I am following you and your work closely and cheering you on. As a mother of a 5 year older daughter and proud life long feminist I thank you for your courage and voice. I just finished Irreversible Damage and I’m passing it around to all of my friends. Keep up the good work.

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A "known affiliation with white supremacy..." It would almost be funny how they try to paint anyone who dissents in the colors of their opponent. I have been accused of being a white supremacist too - I'm black. I've also been accused of being part of the alt right - I'm a leftist. Liberals need to wake up and realize that just because someone doesn't agree with them on every detail, does not a conservative/white supremacist make. The sooner they realize there is plenty of dissent WITHIN the party, the better.

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Thank you for standing up for women. I had to make sure I saw you speak that day and was thankfully able to watch. While a lot of the testimony was virtue signaling and people who SEEM to be educated but reveal themselves as missing the most basic of facts - referencing the 1st amendment, for one... :) - your testimony was clear, concise, and contained all the most important facts and concerns. So glad you were there to speak for us.

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Thank you for everything you're doing. People need to wake up.

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Thank you for your book and for testifying.

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I am the lead witness in a jury trial.

I talked about my story on Medium, but It was taken down. If you have the time, please read the updated, marked up version of VAWA. This is important.

I will partially out myself now, and state that I had direct communication with Tammy Baldwin regarding the reinstatement of VAWA. And I mean the original form. I saw a video or two online of people talking about what was wrong with it. I felt sick to my stomach because I shared my own trauma story with Tammy Baldwin, as I am the lead witness in a jury trial. I was the first woman to come forward where charges were filed who was sexually assaulted in a clinic in 2019. Women had come forward before me and the district attorney never filed. After my story made the news, other women came forward, and charges were filed for them, and charges were filed against this attacker for the women who came forward before me.

What happened after that is the stuff of nightmares. After the initial assault on my person, the female HR rep at the very known company in which I worked as a specialist, where I was a coordinator and project manager, refused to give me time off of work and told me to just forget about it. At the same time the police were worried about my safety because this guy knew where I lived. He has previous restraining orders on him which we found out about in which he threatened to kill women. But for some reason in the United States, this state I live in allowed him to keep getting licensed!!

A detective in the case would direct me to file a complaint against his license because she said no one was going to do it for me. Not the judge. Not the police.

Can you imagine this?

Multiple women are sexually assaulted and no one does anything to stop this man from continuing to practice and to just keep assaulting.

So I think to myself, wouldn't an out lesbian senator to be someone to contact? So I emailed Senator Baldwin everything that happened including what I'm about to tell you now.

In the middle of the pandemic all jury trials for things of this nature have been stalled out not just in the state I live in but all over the United States. Sex offenders are walking free all over the place. Pandemic is the least of your worries.

But before, right before we were about to find out we were entering a pandemic, the district attorney offers this guy a plea deal. Guess what plea deal a man is offered who continues to sexually assault women, has multiple charges against him, and for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend which is on file?? They tell him, that as long as he admits to committing these crimes, he will face no jail, no fine, no probation, no sex offender registry, no NOTHING!!!!

Thankfully he turns it down.

Then, in the middle of the pandemic, in the Spring of 2020, do you know what this guy does? He moves from 40 minutes away, to being my neighbor.

Even though there are protective orders on me, and the other women, the district's attorney says they can't get him out.

So without any choice I move out of the area and I leave everything including my daughter behind.

And then this week I'm watching everything in the news in a city that I hate where there are many racist and sexist people here because it is so backwards, I see what you did and I thank you Abigail.

But then I see Republican reps talking and I'm not a Republican. I've never voted Republican. I've seen Bernie Sanders speak twice and once I was within feet of him. That was the first time I ever believed a politician's words.

And I shared this story with senator Baldwin who all along was throwing us under the bus and I'm sick.

I'm actually medically sick right now with a very rare disorder I can't mention because then I'll really out myself. I'm being treated by doctors several hours away.

I see these Republicans making these ridiculous statements about the violence against women act.

And as with someone with a few degrees myself that are of science, I think I've got to go read this thing for myself. And I go straight to the amendments and there they are.

Everything in the violence against women act has been bastardized. It's not a violence against women act anymore!!!!

And senator Baldwin tells me she's taking my story with her to use as a reason to push this through.

It's 4:00 in the morning right now and I'm crying and I can't sleep and I can't believe it.

I don't know how much more disgusted I could be in this moment. I don't know if I'm disgusted that a lesbian has buried women?

As someone who went to school also for a psychology degree, I always have to remind myself that ABC does not equal XYZ and this is a classic case.

I put my trust in the devil.

Thanks again for your time and to anyone reading, I'm not looking for sympathy. But the violence against women act is just ridiculous. Now men are in it. And the specifics in the 40 amendments, are bad just like the Republicans said they are. I'm just floored.

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You were brilliant.

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Thank you so much for taking a stand. I can assure you that you will be on the right side of history even though it may not feel that way now.

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Thank you for standing up for women and girls!

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Apr 27, 2021Liked by Abigail Shrier

I am so inspired and grateful for you willingness and courage to stand up for females and children. Thank you! I have bought 18 copies of Irreversible Damage, I have handed out 13 copies to friends, your book is one of the most important books of our time. Thank you for writing it. My niece is transitioning with a group of 5 friends. Please keep talking, please keep writing. We must never be silent.

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THANK GOD FOR YOUR VOICE IN THIS MATTER. I an amazed at our society that we the people have developed to what we are. No youth has the right to have their body changed. Should be a law you must be 21 to have that surgery done if you decide then you must. I am so sad that young women can be talked into this so easily. I am 100 percent a woman. 67 years old. But growing up ALWAYS a tom boy. Loved playing sports. On girls basketball ball team. Been in construction 30 years. I bet back then if allowed I would of been told I am a boy in a woman body because of my likes. Could of been talked into that because of my immaturity and others options. Wow this world is on a course of destruction.

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Thank you for inspiring so many to voice their concerns, to talk about their children and to have the courage to resist these flawed laws popping up all over the world. Your courage and persistence have a much greater impact than you might know. Thank you, Ms Shrier. Keep speaking up!

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Thank you. I hope they listened.

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