Looking forward to your report on women's prisons in particular. The transfer of violent men into women's prisons is a human rights violation.

And that NYT piece was shameful, especially the way the author, Lena Wilson, deliberately downplayed harmful side effects at the end, and ignored the Keira Bell case, Sweden's reversal on "puberty blockers", and the fact that these drugs are not "puberty blockers" at all but a form of chemotherapy also used to castrate sex offenders.

Shockingly irresponsible. Does NYT collude with pharmaceutical companies?

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I look forward to all your upcoming work. The prison situation is especially medieval. Women’s sports is also going south.

I’m thrilled that you talked to Jean Twenge and can’t wait to read your piece. It has seemed obvious to me that the spike in teenage girls seeking to transition was part of the same overall phenomenon she reported in her most recent book. Same population, same mental health issues of anxiety, depression, suicidality, body dysmorphia, retreat from normal adolescent romantic and sexual exploration, and self-harm (cutting). What is medical transition if not a sanctioned form of cutting? But nobody was making that connection publicly. Too radioactive, I think.

For instance, Jonathan Haidt, whose work I greatly admire, quotes Twenge all over the place when he describes the Gen Z mental health crisis, in girls especially, but in all the talks I’ve heard by him he has never once mentioned trans as a manifestation. It’s truly the elephant in the room.

But I’m not blaming Haidt. His research and analysis are superb. Ignoring trans has enabled him to reach a wide audience. Otherwise, he would have been canceled right away and the rest of his great work would be sidelined.

That leaves it to you, Abigail, to shine a spotlight on the elephant. Carry on!

With gratitude.

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