Thank you for this. Presidents of prestigious universities should be ashamed of their cowardliness. At Harvard, University of North Carolina, Stanford, and University if Michigan (just to name a few choice locals,) Jewish students were tormented by mobs of Pro-Hamas students (sanctioned to demonstrate by their universities)who apparently think it's ok to murder babies and children, decapitate some of them, burn others, rape and murder college-age young women attending a music festival, kill whole families, destroy the lives of Holocaust survivors, and kidnap young mothers, children, babies, and senior citizens. And now these same students are worried about being "outed?" They should all be shamed, because that is the only way they will be able to learn to distinguish good from evil. What happened in southern Israel on October 7 was pure evil.

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There really aren’t two sides to what happened. The line delineating good and evil couldn’t be more clear in this case. We’re talking about a display of medieval barbarism that would make ISIS blush, and it presents the most basic moral test imaginable. And yet these people are failing it in droves.


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I agree with you, Abigail.

And, I wonder whether the outrageous institutional reaction and non-reaction to the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel mark the moment when ordinary people finally come to understand and actually care about the farce that is the American Social Justice movement.

In Helen Joyce's "Trans" I learned about how Matthew Yglesias describes the time we are living in as "The Great Awakening" - where the Far Left has shifted the US to an Identity Driven Style of Politics.

This has caused great damage for so many on such varied fronts.

Small groups of corrupt radicals have taken over our Institutions via ESG and HSI (Health Equity Index)... through the once beneficent ACLU, and the wicked SPLC and HRC and now the WPATH. and BLM (Buy Lots of Large Mansions). They excel in euphonious sounding names & slogans and they turn everything upside down. Parents who care about their children are abusive, the State which seeks to exceed its authority is all about affirming "care"..., etc.

We need to end this assault. The Democrats have been all in and most Republicans choose to ignore such matters as they are merely "cultural". I guess genocide is "cultural" as well?

It is time for people to Wake Up to the Great Awakening. If this is "Progressive" then "Progressive" must go on the dust heap of history along with many other movements that began with some form of social Utopian Idealism (the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge?)

- LM

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Where are the “safe spaces” on campus for these students?

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For over 20 years the curriculum in the school system in Gaza taught violence, hatred, and death through martyrdom. Indoctrinating children throughout their education and corrupting families and entire communities. What the world witnessed last week was the reaping of that curriculum. The world׳s leaders knew this curriculum was taking place and wanted it stopped but Hamas continued to support this practice and the world continued with the giving of billions of dollars to Gaza. Evidence can be found easily on the internet, below are some articles:






The question remains as to why did the world not stop giving money until the school system changed the curriculum?

The answer is either not obvious or we don’t want to say it out loud; but we know the answer.

It’s with tremendous sadness that we witnessed what we sowed over 20 years ago. It could have been stopped.

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SO GOOD. My favorite take yet! The left is completely lost. They threw out their collective moral compass long ago, and this is where it leads. When you don’t answer to God for your actions, anything and everything is on the table.

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Here’s a Megyn Kelly interview with Jennifer Bilek about Transgenderism. Consider the fact that Russia and China are using this to turn the global south against America, Israel and the West. And they don’t even have to lie and make up propaganda. All the need to do is tell them the truth, easily verified online, and people globally will consider this as insane and evil as I do. Israel depends on America for its survival but does America even still exist as a country?

“The Billionaires and Organizations Funding the Transgender Movement Today.” (8 min)

Megyn Kelly interviews Jennifer Bilek. Oct 13, 2023


“While many Americans are still trying to understand why women are being erased in language and law, and why children are being taught they can choose their sex, the Pritzker cousins and others may be well on their way to engineering a new way to be human. But what could possibly explain the abrupt drive of wealthy elites to deconstruct who and what we are and to manipulate children’s sex characteristics in clinics now spanning the globe while claiming new rights for those being deconstructed? Perhaps it is profit. Perhaps it is the pleasure of seeing one’s own personal obsessions writ large. Perhaps it is the human temptation to play God. No matter what the answer is, it seems clear that SSI will be an enduring part of America’s future.”

“The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI).”

The wealthy, powerful and sometimes very weird Pritzker cousins have set their sites on a new God-like goal: using gender ideology to remake human biology.

Tablet. By Jennifer Bilek. Jun 14, 2022


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Hypocrisy is right. As a teacher you can get admonished for not using a proper pronoun for a student, and you can lose your job by showing the film "Gone With The Wind" but there are no consequences for applauding the killing of innocent men, women, and children. What is happening at these universities?!

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It’s sickening. These kids have been mind controlled by DEI and BLM and trans activists all equal parts anti semites. Thanks for the article. I hope we survive the next generation as they are the simplest we have produced.

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I graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University almost fifty years ago. And every day I thank my lucky stars I'm not in college today. If I had to put up with the hordes of Jew-hating thugs like the ones pictured in the photo of Columbia's Low Library above, I'd be tempted to curse them out. But if I did, I know I'd be savagely beaten and then expelled. So I'd probably just transfer to the University of Florida. Yes. That's exactly where I'd go. Lots of like minded students and professors. It would be a rare place of refuge in a world gone stark raving mad.

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Many years ago, Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky said that sending a Jewish child to an American University is like giving them over to Moloch. I doubted him then. No longer.

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The masks have been ripped away from these institutions by their brazen hypocrisy. Black Lives Matter, they shoved it down our throats, but the slogan hits different now that we know, without a doubt, what lives don’t matter to the purveyors of campus politics.

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Immensely helpful. Will circulate lsee also.


Alas the UN & WHO is enabling Hamas to use Palestinian human shields and Israeli hostages. Please spread the word.

Hamas mass murders, kidnappings and rapes terrorize both Israelis and their human shieids.

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In the mind of the progressive, Palestinians = brown = good, Jews = white =bad. That is all they see.

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Amazing how the anti racists have been really comfortable with racist genocide this last week.

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Thank you so much for writing this! I never thought I'd live in a world where people cheer for terrorists! Especially people who would be put to death by those terrorists - without regret or a second thought! We used to be better than this; most of us still are. I keep thinking of the meme that says, "Stop asking how they can be so stupid. They're taking it as a dare."

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