I have great respect for anyone with the fortitude to venture into the brat pens that we dignify with the name university in order to talk some sense into their most self-engrossed, banner-waving, loud-mouthing babies. The nearest I have got (since leaving university 50 years ago) was reading Heather Mac Donald's forensic survey of campus culture The Diversity Delusion (which I reviewed here): https://grahamcunningham.substack.com/p/how-diversity-narrows-the-mind

A snippet: "In 2017, at Evergreen State College, a biology professor had his class invaded by a frenzied mob hurling ‘Fuck you, you piece of shit’ type abuse. The professor, ironically a lifelong progressive, “had refused to obey an edict from Evergreen’s Director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services that all white faculty cancel their courses for a day and…white students were also ordered to absent themselves from the school to show ‘solidarity’.” Evergreen’s president expressed his “gratitude” for the mob’s “passion and courage”".

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As a UVA graduate, I wish I could be there. I hope it’s a great turnout. Many thanks for all your work and courage!

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I have listened to your speeches and I admire your courageous effort to shed light on the trans phenomenon in our culture today. You do it with honest research and compassion for those affected.

I work with teen girls in residential treatment, and no thinking person (who spends much time w/teens) can deny the social aspect of what is going on. I hear them speak. They treat those who are trans with special care & they literally act like the ones who dare come out and say they are straight... are boring and ‘vanilla’. I’ve heard them tell straight kids they aren’t really straight, they just think they are. I shut down conversations that are inappropriate and direct them back to the subject I am teaching, but it’s heartbreaking to see this going on. I care about all of my students but it’s clear that there is something disturbing at play.

I certainly remember being at that vulnerable age of self loathing & how a ‘friend’ gave me some helpful pointers on how to purge after binging 😟...

yes, girls influence one another and not always in good ways. They are in pain and seeking belonging and relief from suffering and often turn to things that make it worse. I know I did.

I thank God for people like Abigail Shrier.

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Awesome! But your talks will likely get disrupted and/or shut down by the TRAs and student wokies unless campus security is smart and pro-active about it. They will protect you, but they may not realize that they have to keep the protestors far enough away to not disrupt the event, and be ready to eject infiltrators immediately, since there will inevitably be some. If they are complacent, they will fail.

I hope you are clueing them in to, for example, what happened to Riley Gaines at her university talk in SF, and all the other guest campus speakers who have had their events cancelled or shut down! Good luck!

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I have tremendous respect for your message and the courage to keep bringing it, Abigail. Safe travels!

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Very ironic that that pushback is happening during Banned Books Week.

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Sorry I cannot be there in person to support you, but I hope my place will be taken by someone who needs to hear your viewpoints. I am proud to align myself with you on the transgender craze and agree with everything you have written on this. Praying the unhinged woke mob will not be successful in silencing your voice and that you will be safe.

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Dear Abigail, best wishes on your upcoming lectures.

You continue to bring reality and truth into the fantasy.

Thank you for the light, please continue to keep bringing it.

Love, Indio

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I naively thought everyone would "get it" when Dr. Lisa Littman published her ROGD paper and then you published your wonderful 2019 WSJ article:

"When Your Daughter Defies Biology

The burden of mothers whose children suffer from ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria.’

By Abigail Shrier

Jan. 6, 2019 3:00 pm ET""

How wrong I was.

But, I so appreciated that article. We were in a dark place in January 2019 and it helped.

Someday - when this is over - and it will be over - we need to study how this all happened and document it in a museum or it will happen again - or something like it will. - LM

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Dear Abigail -- all respect to you - kick it.

We (Champion Women) recently filed OCR complaints against both UNC and UVA for failing to treat women athletes with even the basic Title IX compliance. See: UNC: https://titleixschools.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Champion-Women-OCR-Complaint-University-of-North-Carolina-at-Chapel-Hill-2023.pdf

And UVA: https://titleixschools.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Champion-Women-OCR-Complaint-University-of-Virginia-2023.pdf

UNC Chapel Hill needs to add for women's athletic scholarships $5,440,387

And add 339 women's athletic opportunities - or about 13 - 14 new women's sports teams, depending on the sports chosen.

UVA needs to add $4,696,692 to women's athletic scholarships, and 224 more women's athletic opportunities.

Their failures to comply with the 51 y/o civil rights law is shameful, and so costly to women.

Good luck! Let me know if I can be helpful.

Nancy Hogshead, J.D., OLY, CEO, Champion Women

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I am a UNC alumna and TOTALLY support you and have for years. Be strong. Would attend if I were not ill and living in CT. You are a shining example!!!

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Wonderful! As an NC State alumna, I wish I could be there. I loved venturing to UNC for events. The world needs more sanity! Keep speaking up and don't let anyone take away your voice.

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Please share the recordings here, if possible. 😊

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Wish I could come see you in person! Thank you for everything you do!

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good luck speaking freely in the land of (ALMOST) free speech if we agree with you and even then.....

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Come to UNC Asheville! Youre so close!

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