Thanks to all who turned on their flashlights to expose the CTA, other activist teachers and school boards. Our children deserve a youth in order to mature without agenda first cheerleaders.

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To paraphrase Huey Lewis : You've made a wrong thing right 😉

I want to see the 'teachers' in jail. Genuinely.

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Perhaps you should ask if there are other teachers who were involved in the scheme......In other words, parents may want to ask students which teachers, besides the 2 already known, were involved in this.

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"There has never been a shortage of people eager to draw up blueprints for running other people’s lives."

-Thomas Sowell

Remember, as C.S. Lewis warned, “Those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

Let's bring back the good old days of the East German Stasi

-Tiny holes were drilled in apartment and hotel room walls through which Stasi agents filmed citizens with special video cameras. Schools, universities, and hospitals were extensively infiltrated-

It was very effective.

How sick in the mind it is to think it's OK to spy on your students.

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Student electronic surveillance is a big deal right now. This is not related to the trans thing but more generally: My friend’s son (in high school at the time, now in college) has gotten the ACLU involved in what seems like unconstitutional online surveillance of the kids in a large California school district (using the program Gaggle).

They are still hashing it out. I haven’t got an update from them in a while but the ACLU is still involved and thinks there is a valid concern.

Anyway, it’s not related to trans issues, but everything the kids said to each other or did online was being recorded, tracked, and monitored. It’s all part of the same thing.

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And those questions are just for starters! What will the Wellness Center be doing with those children? Is anyone monitoring that???

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This is going to sound elitist, but... does teaching in public schools attract stupid people? Because WTAF made these people think this was a good idea? What about the “queer” male teachers having kids act out sex acts during class? Or the teachers fraternizing with kids outside of school, via apps parents can’t break into? Or that shop teacher in Canada, wearing double Z fake breasts with visibly erect nipples in front of boys, which is sexual harassment?

Do we need to pay them more across the board to attract talent or something? How did we wind up with such a dumb ass cohort of teachers??

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