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Ms shrier thank you for your book and insight. Unfortunately it was too late for my daughter. Much like the cases you presented,I dropped off a successful, happy beautiful daughter to UCLA at 18. Within 6 months she declared that all men were rapists, within a year she denounced me as an obstacle complicit with the patriarchy and within 2 years with the help of Ucla Med center at 19 she fast tracked herself to hormones and top surgery.

And just like that this cult took my daughter.

I grieve her absence from morning to evening everyday

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I ordered 5 of your books at our local, extremely leftist bookstore. I will buy 3 and leave 2. That’s how I get these important books into places that would NEVER carry them on their shelves. They’re stuck with them. I also get great satisfaction from the actual order process. It usually takes 3 attempts but my efforts pay off and they take my money for the books. Excellent investigation and exposure of this horrific experiment on our children. God Bless you Abigail.

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That letter almost made me cry! I can only imagine the terror a parent must feel watching their child being brainwashed and contemplating self-mutilation.

I don't know what is more morally grotesque, the gender cult's desperate desire to castrate children to validate their own life choices and insecurities (like all fundamentalists they need to turn children into puppets who sing from their hymnal) or the way the Democratic Party along with the media have blindly vengefully pushed this crusade to the point now where not teaching 'gender' to 6yr olds is some sort of hate crime.

The Democrats and the media have really painted themselves into a corner on this one--in their social circles, trans people are sacred victims, not just a protected class but a holy caste, and saying NO to any of their demands is worse than a breach of etiquette, it is blasphemy. This has become a religious crusade for them so there is no off-ramp, no brakes, they simply do not have the vocabulary to confront or disagree w the gender cult.

I voted Democrat in every election from 1992-2016. I will never vote for one again until they find a cure for the Crit Theory virus that has eaten their brains.

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Thank you for another great article. I briefly went through this when my daughter announced one day that she had always been a boy. She was 11 years old. Thank God I had Ms Shrine’s book prior and I immediately knew it was false. I placed a safety app on her phone and I found awful things, from porn stories that the kids were passing around to a TikTok account that I had forbidden her to have. We took the phone away for months and pulled her off of all social media. Long story short, she improved almost instantly.

It’s social media. They are getting these kids through social media. I’m not judging any parent but I think that the Gen X parents like myself have no real idea how bad it is on these platforms and the awful things these kids are being fed. I tell every parent of a kid who doesn’t have a phone to put the safety app on immediately before they even get it into their possession.

Also during this time I looked for a therapist and found one who was not indoctrinated in this horror. They are out there but you have to ask. This therapist also told me that a parent called her and said they brought their daughter to a different therapist because of anxiety issues and that therapist kept talking about how she, the therapist, is gay. This father wanted to know if my therapist was going to do that, in which she replied that her own sexuality was her private matter and nothing to be discussed with a patient.

And one last. Another girl we knew was having gender issues and her therapist told her parents NOT to put a safety app in the phone because the parents need to trust that she’s not getting into things she shouldn’t be. Worst advice ever.

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The White House spokeswoman said, “Instead of focusing on critical kitchen table issues like the economy, COVID, or addressing the country’s mental health crisis, . . . .” What, exactly, is the transgender outbreak if not a mental health issue? I don’t mean that in a mean, pejorative way, just a simple statement of obvious (at least to me) fact.

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Psaki is a chronic liar, embarrassing even to the largely pro-Biden press corps, and usually has no idea what she's talking about, on any issue. It's small wonder she's leaving. Why does anyone listen to her or take her seriously?

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Dr. McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital was on top of this some time ago:



"Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution

A drastic physical change doesn't address underlying psycho-social troubles.

By Paul McHugh

Updated May 13, 2016"


Gender = Sex. Our children should not be getting indoctrinated at school into a cult religion around Gender Identity with sparkly Gender Unicorns and such. It's total grooming.

And, how is it that we are about to have a Supreme Court Justice who does not know what a woman is because she is not a biologist?

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Every word. I honestly don't care if Ms. Shrier doesn't publish another article; I will continue to pay this subscription in perpetuity. There are so few people who are putting our children first and this author has done so with integrity. Thank you!

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Wow, my prayers for all of the parents going through this madness right now.

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Psaki is a vile spokesperson for a vile administration intent on cultural destruction of our children.

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Reading these posts is tough because I’m dealing with a 12 year old daughter who has said they are a he and goes by a new name. My wife is a liberal, feminist and is pro affirming and I’m conservative and very much against an affirming process. The school refers to our child by their preferred pronoun. In January my wife signed our daughter up for a gender clinic that I was opposed to but joined the meeting and put my foot down against any medical interventions with my daughter. My wife says she agrees with this and has said she won’t allow our child to medicate or have operations until they are 18. I basically forced my wife to read Abigail’s book but she says it’s antithesis to her beliefs. I also tried to get her to read the book The Abolition Of Sex because it was written by a self proclaimed democrat feminist (which is what my wife is) but she has not. The author of that book is labeled a TERF so they are seen as a transphobe and an enemy. My wife and I started seeing a Christian counselor for marriage therapy to help with better communication. The therapist has said they don’t have a lot of experience with trans-genderism, but their experience is with couples. She has also seen us together as a family and wants to also have us come in with each of the children separately. Like my wife and my daughter and me and my son. Hopefully this therapist doesn’t pull a 180 degree flip on me.

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I appreciated the father’s letter on this subject. I’m not quite sure why we decided medical interventions were the best, “life saving” care for kids dealing with this.

As someone who has dealt with attempted suicide in my past (and in my siblings’ pasts as well as eating disorders, anxiety, and so forth), I’ve found that often the best “cure” for mental health problems is to just keep climbing over that mountain—not flatten it to make the hike easier.

That’s not to say there aren’t people out there who aren’t just happier living outside the traditional norms associated with their biological gender, but the person you are at 15 and the person you are at 30 are two different people. External factors shouldn’t be the things that “affirm” who you are whether it be tattoos or hormone treatments.

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what a beautiful letter how your book helped parents to strengthen their bond with their child and the resulting peace, happiness experienced.

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As I read this I couldn't help recall the way party ideology infected all aspects of life in the former Soviet Union. Whether literature, art, drama, youth organizations, law, sports and, sadly, medicine, everything was corrupted and bent to the party's dogma and will. Probably not surprising that Psaki's ever-changing hair color remains red, as she is the perfect spokesperson for the leftist insanity that, like a bacillus, has infected most of the Democrat Party. Not least of which is the gender nonsense that passes for "medicine" under these totalitarian lunatics. Even up to less than a decade ago, gender dysphoria was viewed as a psychiatric disorder. Now the "prescribed treatment" is a cocktail of bizarre chemicals leading to a Frankenstein surgery that seldom if ever works. And they call this medical "progress?" What's next - going back to blood letting as "medical science?" Clearly under the Sovietization of America by the Democrat Party, no perversion, no bizarre rite is to be criticized if the collective deems it sufficiently "woke." This is madness. Thanks, Abigail, for calling it out and continuing to tell the truth.

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Thank you Abigail! Please please please start saying boys and girls? In recent weeks at least 4 detrans males have publicly written about their experiences. The concept of "pink pilling" through grooming taking place in forums on Reddit and Discord is real. These are in particular very sensitive boys, often quite immature and on the spectrum, often gay and many times overwhelmed by the "toxic masculinity" they have been hearing about throughout their upbringing- and don't forget the pervasive internet porn. Many of them see opting out of manhood as necessary to ensure they do not fit this narrative. Please don't forget our sons! They also are being swept up in this! Thank you.

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Sons too! 20% are boys in this huge huge explosion of cases!

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