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Another wonderful interview, Abigail!

Loved everything Sen. Cotton said. Loved how Rand Paul told off Dr. Fauci today about gain of function research. Loved how Youngkin beat McAuliffle on Tuesday. And I am (or anyway I used to be) a Democrat. LOL -- what is the world coming to when the only politicians making any sense these days are all Republicans.

Thank you for asking your question about China. I wasn't surprised by Sen. Cotton's answer, not one bit. I suspected as much. If I were in charge of China, I'd be doing the very same thing. Baizuo, indeed!

What's being pushed in the schools today -- CRT and radical transgenderism is a crime. Here's an piece I wrote that was just published in the Letters From the Front section of the gender critical Women's Liberation Front website. It's about the sadness I felt after I learned my long ago boyfriend had died and two of his four daughters had become transgender. And how I channeled my grief into learning all I could about the dangers of cross sex hormones and genital surgeries.


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I am a 66-year-old liberal Democrat who has never voted for a Republican, but who believes that the assault of the illiberal racist left, and especially the anti-science trans cult (I am a PhD scientist), must be vigorously fought.

I have written to my two Senators and my Representative (all Democrats) asking them to support Senator Cotton's bill, S.3037. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Also, start paying attention to local school board elections. Go to candidate forums and ask the candidates' position on parental right-to-know about their childrens' gender issues. Be polite but firm. If you disagree with the answers you get, say so, politely but firmly. This sort of standing up to social pressure is essential to turning the tide.

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Hello Ms Shrier,

Thank you for pointing out that NYTimes headline which reads like its version of "Headless Body in Topless Bar". And it's so good to see the paper of record defending us all plebeians against the fetid “parental rights".

As of this moment, here is the most liked reader comment on the article:


NYCNov. 4

From your opening paragraph I can see the left continues to misread the issue. It's not just a white backlash to what we're seeing in schools. It's a Hispanic and Asian backlash, it's a backlash from anyone who believes in race-neutral admissions and merit and excellence over group membership. It's a backlash against the idea that the color of your skin instantly equates to responsibility or guilt for what people of the same skin tone might have done 60 or 150 years ago.

It's a backlash against the idea that people at universities get to invent new words to replace ones we already have that 90% of the public don't care about much. It's a backlash against the idea that the way to deal with the injustices of the past is by inflicting injustices on a different set of kids today. And just as important it's a backlash against the idea that people who want to get ahead and make it on their own and don't want a huge expansion of the safety net, just tweaks around the edges and practical incremental advances, are a minority.

324 Recommend"

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I like it that Cotton names Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan. Bari Weiss is married to Nellie Bowles. And Mr. Sullivan was the main intellectual proponent for gay marriage.

And it's interesting how many gays and lesbians there are in this fight: Jonathan Rauch, Douglas Murray, Glenn Greenwald....many others.

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Sen. Cotton is hated by the progressive left because he labels their policies what they are - insane, demented and repressive.

Moreover, far from being the bomb thrower they claim him to be, the Senator is wise, well-educated and a serious legislator and lawyer. His skillful dissection and evisceration of the hapless Merrick Garland revealed the good Senator to be nothing short of brilliant.

And speaking of Garland.....if he means to weaponize the FBI against American parents who seek only to exercise their Constitutional rights, he will see a weaponized American citizenry ready to go to war against his American Stasi. So progressives, you'd be well advised to take the measured road of Sen. Cotton. Because the alternative will be a full-on American fury that will consume you in its flames.

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I say some version of this to friends who are worried about the onslaught of crazy lefty ideas that seem to interest the corporate media -

"Even if they recognize that it's politically toxic, they just hope that they can get away with it. Sometimes I think they hope they can get away because it sounds so crazy and bizarre that most people won't believe that it's actually happening and write it off when it comes time for campaigns and elections."

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I don't really identify with any political party but Senator Cotton actually made a lot of sense and sounded like a sober, reasonable person. So much of national politics just never sounds like that so I'm heartened to see this change. Thanks for asking great questions on the topics that are most important today, and I look forward to your next piece!

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